Marjorie Denzin-Stewig, Founder & CEO

Marj started Twin Lake Design Group in 1994 to specialize in landscape design and enrich the outdoor experience of others. She’s been fascinated with the outdoors and the beauty of nature her whole life. Her greatest skill is listening and stretching the mind and ideas of her clients resulting in truly innovative designs.

She began studying horticulture and working with the Native Plant Community in high school. Upon graduating, she pursued her passion at the University of Minnesota, graduating with a double major in Landscape Design and Nursery Production. She continues to stay on top of the latest developments and techniques in the landscape industry by attending educational classes in design and sustainable practices.

I start with listening, capturing your desires for outdoor spaces, then creating an inviting and restful landscape experience. I take great pleasure in guiding you through the landscape process and talking about the aspects of your design. It’s all about our clients.

– Marjorie Denzin-Stewig