Featured Project: A Fresh Start

Terraces of granite boulders and brick patios rest into the elevations with an additional landscape that seamlessly draws guests from their home to the open lawn. Evenings can be spent on the patio & at the fire pit with a beautiful view over the water below a star lit sky.

Our client was ready to transform their family cabin to their home on the lake.  After a consult we soon realized their love for the outdoor living spaces with lush vegetation.

Terraces of granite boulders with granite steps and brick patios rest into the elevations while retaining the volume of trees they enjoyed in past years at the cabin! We hear how they enjoy their outdoor spaces from sunrise to sunset with family & friends.

A few years later they obtained the adjoining property, decided to remove the home and create a landscape that seamlessly draws guests from their home to the open lawn area for yard games and  a quiet afternoon on the deck off the bunk house. Evenings can be spent at the  patio & fire pit with a beautiful view over the water waiting for the star lit sky. We designed the vegetated areas with in the additional property using structural evergreens, colorful summer plantings and lastly the largest area was restored using native planting and grasses.

Enjoy your stroll through the area visually!

The front yard is your home’s calling card. Creating a unique, appealing  first impressions makes a world of difference to your home, your guests, and you!  Your backyard is an extension of your home.  Whether it’s your tropical getaway, North Woods hideaway, or luxurious tranquil spa – discover how we help maximize your custom outdoor space.

When you need a kiss of seasonal accents – up to 4 times per year we offer landscaping and container gardening to magnify all of Minnesota’s wonderful seasons.

Hardscapes offer many appealing options to your landscape design and outdoor living space.  We create hardscapes that looks naturally-occurring and something you’ll love for years to come.

Landscape care is essential to a garden’s health. We offer garden & landscape management services, planting and seasonal enhancements.

Our structures are designed and built relative to our clients property including decks, porches, screen porches & houses, pergolas, fire pits, arbors, and pool houses to enhance the outdoor living space.

Revitalize the beauty hidden in your current landscaping with a landscape renovation.
Revamp an old landscape, add new design and elements you’ll love in a fresh new look.

Starting with a blank canvas, it is the art of placing hardscape and landscape planting to create a cohesive and captivating environment for the new home and family.

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