Step 1

Landscape Design & Consult

  • Review site with client & sketch concepts for area of interest
  • Final sketch/blueprint for the space & establish the project budget & select materials
  • Discuss maintenance for the project
  • Site organization for outdoor living
  • We specialize in creating a relationship from interior to the outdoors

Step 2

Project Management

We will implement and manage the installation of the landscape project with an organized team of contractors.

  • Organized team of contractors to build the landscape
  • We look for efficiency and accuracy
  • Manage project budget and scheduling
  • Keep our clients informed throughout the project

Step 3

Landscape Enhancement & Care

  • Container placement and plant design
  • Seasonal changes (spring, summer, fall, winter)
  • Landscape care services provided (consult with client to decide who will tend to care).  A proper maintenance plan ensures the landscape will mature as planned for years of enjoyment!

As a referral-based business, our growth & success are accredited to our clients. We thank each and every one for sharing their home with us.